Tuition and Other Fees Concerns


TSC Advisory no. 008 s. 2020

Following the national government’s strict guidelines and restrictions are challenges that families are braving as of writing, either emotionally, spiritually, financially or otherwise, the Management decided not to increase tuition and other fees at all levels and instead proposed discounted rates.

Considerable refund for the previous school year, SY 2019-20, will either be credited to SY 2020-21 or will be repaid in full to those concerned once the government restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, interested applicants are advised to pay the reservation fee and/or the initial payment to get enrolled.

Updated Tuition and Other Fees for SY 2020-21

TSC Updated Tuition and Other Fees for SY 2020-21
TSC Discounts for SY 2020-2021

*Terms and condition.

  1. Within the enrollment period: ten percent (10%) of the total assessed fees is non-refundable.
  2. Within the second week of classes: twenty percent(20%) of the total assessed fees are non-refundable.
  3. After the second week of classes: For cash payments, the entire amount of school fees paid is non-refundable.
    For the installment basis, total school fees should be settled in full. No student records will be released if there are unsettled school fees due and payable.
    *TSC Student Manual; General Guidelines, Section 3;O.

Please pay the School Fees on or before the due dates to avoid any inconvenience.


TSC Admission Guides & Requirements

Online enrollment starts on May 27 2020. We will gladly send you more details about it should you have any clarifications. If you have friends and relatives who may be of great interest in partaking in the TSChoology: The Ultimate E-Learning Solutions, they may visit our post about it  or our official Facebook page . They may also reach us by sending their queries to or dial 0977-0743547, (046) 434.3109/ 431.8654 and drop us a call from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.  

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  1. My child was not able to get her report card how can we enroll online? Old student from tsc

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