Keeping the Learning Going during Covid-19 Pandemic


TSC’s Distance Learning Program for SY 2020-2021

TSC Advisory no. 09 s. 2020

If you believe that the education of the whole child should continue, see us at Theresian School of Cavite as we have a symphony of ultimate e-learning solutions for your child’s educational needs. With this, the challenges brought forth by Covid-19 pandemic can just be easily shelved.

We guarantee that through TSC’s program offerings for SY 2020-21, the students will feel like they’re at school even when they’re not as we believe that school is not a building, it’s the people. The current need for TSChoology and the role it can play during this critical time is exactly what drives the entire TSC community as we continue to work around the clock to make sure that TSChoology lives up to the moment we are all in together.   

To make this work, while we sharpen the academic potentials of the students, we will also grow among them the culture of accountability as this matters more than ever as we move to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this remote educational environment, TSC will rely on students’ self-motivation to push them to their full prospective at the end of a uniquely difficult school year.

Here are the five key strategies for promoting student accountability in or out of the classroom:

1. Create a culture of trust and responsibility

We will establish the right learning environment by reinforcing the core competencies of social and emotional learning in which students learn to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, build and maintain positive relationships and make responsible choices.

2. Set high standards and clear expectations

We will explain to students what do we expect from them such as clear due dates for assignments and doing daily attendance check-ins at a set time. Above all, we will make them understand that attaining high standards is possible if they apply themselves to the tasks at hand.

3. Give students ownership of the learning process

We will ask students of how they think distance learning can be improved. We will give them voice and choice in the learning as this entails ownership and accountability.

4. Help students learn to self-asses their work

We will teach the students self-regulation because when students self-evaluate their progress toward learning, reflects on their learning, and generate strategies for learning, they will show improved performance with meaningful motivation.

5. Connect the classroom to the home

We will keep the families updated about distance learning schedules, activities, and expectations as we believe that parents and guardians can have a significant effect on their children’s learning. When they take a role in monitoring and guiding their children, the students tend to take more responsibility for their learning and are more likely to stay on track.

We will use this opportune time to strengthen not only the quality of the educational system but also the lasting partnership we have with the parents to help the whole child succeed as we brave this current public health emergency. Join us! Let us rise against Covid-19 and ace the “new normal” at home.

Online enrollment is ongoing. We will gladly send you more details about it should you have any clarifications. If you have friends and relatives who may be of great interest in partaking of the TSChoology: The Ultimate E-Learning Solutions, they may visit our website  or our official Facebook page . They may also reach us by sending their queries to or dial 0977-0743547, (046) 434.3109/ 431.8654 and drop us a call from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. 

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Theresian School of Cavite

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