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What is ESC? 📗
ESC is a Government program wherein financial assistance (in the form of tuition subsidies) is extended to qualified elementary school graduates who wish to pursue Junior High School (JHS) – Grades 7 to 10 – in private schools.

How does ESC work?
Junior High Schools apply and through stringent quality assessment, are certified by DepEd through PEAC to be part of the program. JHSs that become ESC-participating schools are given a number of slots that come with subsidies called ESC grants. The JHS must maintain high standard of education to continue participating. Program beneficiaries are called ESC grantees.

Who are ESC Grantees?
Those who want to be ESC grantees must enroll for Grade 7 in an ESC-participating school. Each ESC-participating school has a School Committee that will select Grade 7 ESC grantees. No new ESC grants are awarded at higher grade levels.

How are ESC Grantees selected?
• Elementary graduate from a DepEd public school or DepEd-recognized private school
• Incoming Grade 7 student
• Has not been a recipient of the ESC in previous school years
• Filipino citizen
• ESC Application Form
• Recent Identical 2×2 ID photo (2 copies)
• For leaners with no learner profile in the Learner Information System (LIS): Certified true copy of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
• Certified Birth Certificate
• Grade 6 Report Card
• Proof of income of parents/guardian (ITR 2316)
• Selection is subject to the limited slots allocated to the ESC-participating school.
• Elementary graduates of DepEd public schools are automatic ESC grantees.
• For elementary graduates of DepEd-recognized private schools, the School Committee shall profile and assess the students based on the documentary requirements submitted.

How much is the ESC Grant?
The amount of subsidy given to the grantee at Grade 7 is the same amount the grantee will receive until Grade 10. For this school year (SY) 2022-2023:
Grade 7 – PHP9,000.00
Grade 8 – PHP9,000.00
Grade 9 – PHP9,000.00
Grade 10 – PHP9,000.00

What are the terms of the ESC Grant?
The ESC grant starts at Grade 7 and covers only four years of JHS. The grant remains in force for the next school year if the grantee is promoted to the next grade level and enrolls in an ESC-participating JHS. No maintaining grades are required of grantees.

The grant is terminated if a grantee does any of the following:
• Drops out in the middle of the school year
• Does not reenroll the following school year
• Fails to be promoted to the next grade level
• Transfers to a non-ESC-participating JHS
• Is suspended for more than two (2) weeks, dismissed or expelled by the ESC-participating JHS for disciplinary reasons

Source: Depedtambayan(dot)net

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