About TSC


The ultimate aim of every educational institution in the Philippines is to develop the youth to become functionally literate, socially and morally responsible, nationalistic, yet receptive and can contribute to positive global influences. In the pursuit of these outcomes, the school, as an academic community, fosters not only academic excellence but also the value of integrity, leadership, productivity, open communications and teamwork as the keys in keeping Theresian School of Cavite as one of the finest educational institutions of global stature.

Guided by the vision and mission statements, the school commits itself to provide students with a strong education foundation to:

Fully understand and perform their spiritual and social responsibilities;
Gain meaningful self-realization through balanced development of their spiritual, mental, psychological, and physical capabilities;
Develop the leadership qualities of an individual while fostering harmonious inter-personal relationships;
Contribute to national goals according to their age and abilities.

Statement of Philosophy

In keeping with the TSC Philosophy of considering the students, parents and the whole TSC family as important elements in organizational achievement, the school ensures that holistic approach on academic, co– curricular and extra-curricular programs are designed to recognize the values and commitment in performing daily tasks and responsibilities in the face of a fast changing environment/world.

Values for excellence to boost the morale of the students and employees and help them realize the value of Commitment, Orderliness, Discipline and Excellence. These are the same keys in keeping the school as one of the finest educational institution in the community and country.

School Emblem


TSC logo depicts the school’s identity, ideology and principle that education is a birthright, that no one should be deprived of its noble legacy. The inner circle projects the well-rounded individual engulfing the foundations of this learning institution which are: the seven rays whose radiance stands for the seven religious and civic founders, who conceived of putting up a school and envisioned it to be a center of learning; the flower which is an inspiration of the school’s name which was taken after a young saint, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, also known as the Saint Therese of the Little Flowers who represents the young individuals search for wisdom; the book, situated at the heart of the whole circle which symbolizes knowledge; and, the laurel leaves at the sides which projects our produced-students who are equipped with the knowledge in their pursuit for higher education wherein TSC takes pride.

School Colors

  • Green is Prosperity, Hope, Peace, Victory
  • Gold is Glory, Words of Wisdom, Truth, and Knowledge, Faith, Kingship
  • White represents purity and holiness. Light is also represented by white.

Core Values

C — Commitment
Willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something

0 — Orderliness
Having a system and being organized in every undertaking leading to positive results.

D — Discipline
Being able to behave and work in a controlled way which involves obeying particular rules or standards.

E — Excellence
Performing one’s best in any task or being all you can be within the bounds of doing what is right

School Facilities


Agueda Lane, Tirona Highway, Habay 1, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines, 4102

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